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Mechanical Trades Plumbing

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Please Answer The Below Questions Thoughtfully and Completely:


Why are you interested in enrolling in the Mechanical Trades in Plumbing Pathway?

How do you plan on utilizing your Mechanical Trades in Plumbing experience in your professional life?

What would you say are your greatest academic strengths and weaknesses?  If possible, explain how they apply to this program. 

How do you see yourself being an active member in Local 51 if given the chance?

What, if any, Plumbing experience have you had in the past? (This could apply to a family member working in the field.)

What, if any, mechanical trades skill and experience do you currently have?

Please rate the following sciencetific skills on a 1 through 5 scale with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

Plumbing/Pipe Fitting 


Power Tool Handling 

Electrical Work 


Which of the topics listed below interests you most and why?  (Write a couple of sentences explaining your reasons for interest.)



Power Tool Handling 

Electrical Work

Please Share How You Heard About our CTE Programs

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School records requested by Narragansett may include, but are not limited to, course grades, standardized tests, Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), attendance, health and medical records, extracurricular activities, conduct reports, social case history assessment, speech/language evaluation and psychological/educational/psychiatric evaluation reports.

I hereby give permission to my child's current school/district to release the school records of my child (named in the above form) to the Narragansett School District for the purpose of application/admission/placement into Narragansett High School Pathway.  

By checking the box below AND signing with your full name, you are giving the Narragansett School System permission to obtain these records from the student's current school. 

  I acknowledge the above and approve the release of student records (Please check box to confirm)

Full Name of Consenting Parent/Guardian(serves as signature)

If you plan to move forward with this application and/or you are accepted, you will also be required to print this application and submit it to the superintendent of schools in the district where you live.

Once you receive this signature, you have the option to either drop off a signed copy to our High School office or scan and email a PDF to Joan Pratley at

This is to ensure the district in the town where you live is aware of the potential out-of-district enrollment for budgetary purposes.

I agree (Please print email and have superintendent sign on provided line.)

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